Use the following resources to learn even more extensively about the basics, techniques, and ethics of stem cells and stem cell therapies. 



National Institutes of Health (NIH) Stem Cell Information - The NIH Stem Cell Information offers a variety of FAQs, scientific literature, updates treatments and cures in development, and much more. Click here to access the website!


Learn.Genetics (Genetic Science Learning Center) at The University of Utah - The Learn.Genetics website, made by the University of Utah, has been critically acclaimed for its high quality student-friendly animations on genetics and stem cell research. All animations are free to access, and the interactive features allow viewers to easily understand the basic principles of stem cell research practically. Click here to access the website!


Scitable (by Nature Education) - Scitable is a student-friendly scientific resource sponsored and maintained by the prestigious Nature Publishing Group. Scitable works as a free science library and personal learning tool. Free science articles, informational articles, discussion groups and online communities, online classroom features, blogs, animations, images and many other different types of resources make Scitable ideal for students of stem cell research. Click here to access the website!


Howard Hughes Medical Institute BioInteractive - The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) BioInteractive website provides numerous educational resources for learning about biology, including stem cell biology. Annual talks presented to students are available for free on the website, and animations, virtual labs, and articles allow students to gain fascinating insights into, among other subjects, stem cell biology. Click here to access the website!


Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory DNA Learning Center - The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL)'s DNA Learning Center is designed to help the general public learn more about advanced biological and biomedical research taking place in the modern age. With resources such as a Biology Animation Library, 3-D Animation Library, and a whole collection of websites on genetics, the CSHL DNA Learning Center can help you better understand some principles of stem cells, as well as the genetics behind them. Click here to access the website! 




EurekAlert! - EurekAlert is a global news service which provides up-to-date articles on the latest findings in the sciences, and medicine, including stem cell biology. Click here to visit the EurekAlert website.

ScienceDaily - ScienceDaily is a well-known news source for up-to-date science articles. With over 3 million monthly visitors, ScienceDaily, in addition to news services, offers over 65,000 research articles, 15,000 images, 2,500 encyclopedia entries, and much more. Click here to visit the ScienceDaily website.


Stem Cells - A prestigious monthly peer-reviewed journal which covers embryonic stem cells/induced pluripotent stem cells, stem cell technology: epigenetics, genomics, proteomics; translational and clinical research, and much more. Stem Cells is edited by Dr. Jan A. Nolta, director of the stem cell program at UC Davis/UC Davis Health System. Click here to access the journal website!

Cell Stem Cell - "Cell" is a "biweekly publication of exceptional research articles" in a variety of fields including molecular cell biology, molecular medicine, biochemistry, genetics, and much more. Cell Stem Cell focuses on research developments in the field stem cells. Most article abstracts and some articles are available for fee. Click here to access the journal website!

Science - Science is an internationally renowned peer-reviewed journal, headed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science or AAAS, with a readership of more than one million. Founded in 1880, Science continues to deliver high-quality scientific articles all over the globe. The journal offers many abstracts, articles, news articles, and features for free. In addition, the specially published "Science Translational Medicine" journal which features cutting-edge research in the field of translational medicine (lab bench to bedside). Click here to access the journal website!

Nature - Nature is one of the oldest scientific journals published in the world, founded in 1869. The Nature research journals and Nature Reviews journals offer a very prestigious platform for scientific communication. Although the "Nature Reports - Stem Cells" journal has now been discontinued, it still offers a large database of stem cell research articles published in the past. Nature continues to publish extensive stem cell research articles in its other journals, however. Click here to access the journal website!


All files are provided in both PDF and Word formats  and are free for you to use, distribute, and modify however you would like. Simply click on the links below to download a worksheet.

  • Fill in the blanks worksheets provide words banks to study stem cell vocabulary.
  • Questions worksheets are fact-based questions on material found throughout the respective sections.
  • Critical Thinking worksheets challenge you to think beyond quantitative knowledge and apply reasoning skills in a broad context.
  • Cumulative worksheets combine all other types of worksheets.
  • Quizzes test you to recall things you may have learned.

Worksheet #1: "Stem Cell Basics" (Fill in the blanks)  Click here for PDF  Click here for Word

Worksheet #2: "Stem Cell Basics" (Questions)  Click here for PDF  Click here for Word

Worksheet #3: "Stem Cell Basics" (Critical Thinking)  Click here for PDF  Click here for Word

Cumulative Worksheet: "Stem Cell Basics" (Fill in the blanks, Questions, Critical Thinking) 

                                    Click here for PDF  Click here for Word

Quiz: "Stem Cell Basics"  Click here for PDF  Click here for Word 

Other Resources


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